Testimonials From Our Valued Clients

“Always friendly and helpful and help me to hear better. ”

Timothy E. of Chelsea, MI

“Mr. O’Connor and Dr. Carter are very good at what they do. I know this because this is my fourth set of aids and by far the best. Thanks to those doctors. ”

Rick B. of Fowlerville, MI

“My experience at O’Connor Hearing Center was excellent. I have had several hearing tests prior to my test at O’Connor. This test was very thorough. My hearing aid is excellent. Dr. Carter was excellent. I love, love, love my hearing aid. ”

Virginia W. of Saline, MI

“I can’t say enough positive words about this place. I have been dealing with a hearing impairment all my life, and have frequented various sources for my hearing devices over the years, but none have equaled the quality, organization, professionalism, and friendliness of the staff here. A few times now, O’Connor Hearing Center has responded to my urgent needs for a remedy to a couple of problems caused by another company, and they could not have been more helpful and accommodating. The owner, Claudia, along with Kathy, and Diane, the audiologist, made the experience of getting my hearing tested and fitted for a new device just as pleasant and easy as could be. The place itself is attractive, inviting, and congenial. It has a definite personal touch, and it greatly matches the warm, and welcoming tone of the center. I will be doing all my future business here; this is a model of how a hearing center should be run.”

Niel R. of Novi, MI

“My experience was the best! Mr. O’Connor and his staff made our experience so refreshing. Not a salesman, most thorough and informative. A lifesaver for the special problems I was having that others could not solve. THANK YOU SO MUCH. ”

Becky A. of Ann Arbor, MI

“I have been a patient of the O’Connor Hearing Center over five years. I am so very pleased with their personal and professionalism. From the moment I walked inside the warm and inviting lobby, I felt welcome. I am greeted by name and treated by their excellent, knowledgeable care every time. I am a patient. I have recommended several of my friends there!”

CRB of Saline, MI

Imagine, if you can, thirteen 65-to-77-year-old women, crowded into a fairly small condo living room (with a high ceiling, but fortunately a carpeted floor), all talking at once, with probably 5 different lively conversations going simultaneously!  Can you imagine a more frustrating scenario for a severely-hearing-impaired person???  WELL, TODAY ON PROGRAM #2 I COULD UNDERSTAND WHICHEVER CONVERSATION I WANTED TO FOLLOW BETTER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN ABLE TO IN THAT GROUP!!!  Can you believe it???  My new hearing aid seems to work better (at least in small-space noisy environment, which is what #2 is set for) than any of my earlier instruments have worked!  Throughout the whole morning, including discussion of the book and about a dozen other topics (we are politically/socially like-minded), when usually only one or two people tried to talk at the same time, I could understand almost every word coming from whichever direction I chose to face…And there were two rows of people in one direction, and one person sitting behind me, so I wasn’t always able to see lips clearly.  During the informal, social-conversation times, the cross-conversation from other directions didn’t interfere at all with whatever conversation I was following!!  And I never had to move the “home” volume setting for that program a single notch up or down.  Making the air vent smaller seems to have been the only real answer needed.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Retired (70+ year old) University of Michigan professor


“My experience at O’Connor Hearing Center met and exceeding my expectations from the office staff, equipment and Tom O’Connor himself. Always pleasant and caring. Always willing to listen, explain and answer any questions. Complete attention to details including follow up visits. ”

R.Y. of Jackson, MI


“One of the most expert and pleasant medical experiences I have ever had. Tom O’Connor seems to know every variation of the hearing loss, the hearing aids, the ear, hearing loss experiences of loved ones, etc. He is also exceedingly cordial and exudes a quiet confidence that is so reassuring. ”

John T. of Ann Arbor, MI


“Wonderful experience!! People here are so helpful and pleasant. I can’t recommend it enough. ”

Debra M. of Ann Arbor, MI