Drop Box Procedure

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  • This service is provided by scheduled appointment. PHONE: 734-994-8300.
  • When you arrive, at your scheduled time please call from your car.
  • ***Please wear a mask when entering our building***via double glass doors.
  • Confirm the information printed on your envelope waiting for you at the “Drop-Box-Station” on the wall outside our office door, Ste #207 as correct.
  • Put your aid(s) in your envelope, and drop them into the white “Drop-Box”. Confirm your cell phone number, on the envelope.
  • We will be standing nearby just inside our glass office door to retrieve them.
  • Please return to your car and WAIT safely in your car for us to evaluate / service your instrument in our lab.
  • We will call your cell phone with status.
  • If we are able to complete the service or repair your hearing aid In-OfficeWhile-You-Wait we will return the aid(s) to the table with the “Repair Report” for your signature and date. Drop-Box-Service will range from $25 to $125 for In-Office Service.
  • If the hearing aid requires Factory Repair, and you have instructed us to send it to the factory for repair, we ask you to sign the Hearing Aid Report agreement, including the fee listed if applicable. Fees for Factory Repair or Remake can range from  $270-$500.   
  • Method of payment- You can conveniently pay by credit card (over your cell phone) or leave a check at that time.  

Thank you for choosing O’Connor Hearing Center for your Hearing Health Care.

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