Retired Music Professor finds new aids wonderful!

Imagine, if you can, thirteen 65-to-77-year-old women, crowded into a fairly small condo living room (with a high ceiling, but fortunately a carpeted floor), all talking at once, with probably 5 different lively conversations going simultaneously!  Can you imagine a more frustrating scenario for a severely-hearing-impaired person???  WELL, TODAY ON PROGRAM #2 I COULD UNDERSTAND WHICHEVER CONVERSATION I WANTED TO FOLLOW BETTER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN ABLE TO IN THAT GROUP!!!  Can you believe it???  My new hearing aid seems to work better (at least in small-space noisy environment, which is what #2 is set for) than any of my earlier instruments have worked!  Throughout the whole morning, including discussion of the book and about a dozen other topics (we are politically/socially like-minded), when usually only one or two people tried to talk at the same time, I could understand almost every word coming from whichever direction I chose to face…And there were two rows of people in one direction, and one person sitting behind me, so I wasn’t always able to see lips clearly.  During the informal, social-conversation times, the cross-conversation from other directions didn’t interfere at all with whatever conversation I was following!!  And I never had to move the “home” volume setting for that program a single notch up or down.  Making the air vent smaller seems to have been the only real answer needed.   THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Retired (70+ year old) University of Michigan professor